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Video interphones

Flexibility of DVC monitors and entrance panels

DVC indoor monitors are flexible in size and performance, adaptable to different customer needs. The most advanced unit offers Wi-fi Internet access, with no additional device needed, controlling goes via a touch screen, smartphones operation is supported, and auxiliary monitors can be connected, for system extension.

DVC entrance panels are characterized by quality and design excellence. They are made of stainless steel or brushed aluminium, which increase resistance to atmospheric influence. Newer models feature superior image quality provided by an advanced colour fisheye camera, and their small dimensions add flexibility when choosing a mounting location.

DVC 2Easy video-intercom systems

With only 2 wires (no polarity) throughout the whole installation, the 2Easy system is a simplified installation system which allows that existing audio systems, especially in the larger residential buildings, could be easily replaced by modern DVC video systems, with no additional installation cost.

DVC IP video-intercom systems

DVC IP video-intercom system is stable, flexible, affordable, and easy to install and use. It easily integrates with other systems. Up to 32 monitors per address may be programmed, with unlimited distance, quick and simple installation, without power supplies, distributors or any other modules needed. This makes it ideal for any type of facilities, small, medium and large. IP system provides high quality video and audio signals, uses existing network structure, enables integration with Wi-Fi antennas and 2-wire systems, as well use of universal PoE power supplies and IP CCTV cameras monitoring.

DVC modular entrance panels

In addition to the standard functions of every DVC entrance panel, the modular system enables maximum adjustment to specific facility needs. The fully modular panel gives a choice of combining 4-buttons modules in the frames which accept 2, 3, 4 or 6 such modules. It is possible to install the blank buttons for unused keys. The system is fully flexible and adaptable to different clients’ needs, and all these functionalities contribute to the overall aesthetics.

DVC 2Easy application for video intercom systems

The DVC 2Easy mobile App is easy to use and provides a user-friendly system management experience. From applications’ menu user can reply to calls from entrance panel, talk to visitors via his mobile device, receive video calls and grant access to his premises via mobile phone or tablet.