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Energy consumption management

Smart sockets

Wireless smart sockets with power consumption monitoring. The device protects against overload and short circuit. They are suitable for connecting all household appliances, compatible with EU Type F sockets. They enable power failure warnings sending, via SMS or push notification on the user’s mobile phone.

Wireless switches

With these wall switches, you can easily control lighting and other electrical devices. Wireless wall switches are easily mounted as a replacement of the existing wall switches or can be placed on any flat surface, with the help of adhesive tapes.

Wireless mini switches do not require wired connection, and thanks to their miniature design, they will fit well into various environments.


Wireless relays enable remote controlling of high voltage and low voltage equipment. They are used to switch on / off irons, garage doors, water heaters and thermal insulated floors. The devices are protected against overvoltage and overheating. They can also be used to activate electric locks, entrance and rolling doors, blinds and curtains, and to restart modems and routers. The security of the devices’ use is guaranteed by the authentication, jamming detection and communication channels’ encryption.