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Residential and small business buildings owners

Wireless DIY solutions for a smart and secure home

Customers can independently install and configure a security system by using DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions for a smart and safe home, which will make their home or office safe from burglary. These solutions do not involve dirty installations works because they operate wirelessly.

Monitoring and management via mobile devices

Smart and secure home solutions are easily managed via mobile applications. All notifications from the system are automatically forwarded to mobile phones, and users can remotely control the devices via mobile phones.

Panic keys for children and the elderly

Wireless panic buttons allow children or the elderly to quickly and easily inform family members that they need help. The alarm signal will be immediately sent to the cell phones of family members and they will be able to provide quick response and help.

View videos in real time

Users can monitor what is happening at the secured area in real time, on their mobile devices.

Video and photo alarm verification

Alarm received via the mobile phone can be verified through the solutions which enable video (via cameras connected to the home automation system) and photo (via anti-theft detectors with built-in cameras) signal transmission from protected premises.

Monitoring station at the palm of your hand

User can choose via the mobile ALEX application, when receives an alarm notification from the security system on the mobile device, whether he wants to notify the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). This avoids unnecessary and expensive 24/7 professional monitoring staff interventions.

User packages

User packages depend on the size of the system and the services selected, so each user can select a package that is appropriate to current needs and change it over time.

Home automation

The integration of home automation devices enables easy management of energy consumption, heating, lighting and air conditioning via mobile devices. provides fast but informed selection, purchase and delivery of a security solution directly to the users’ address. The web shop transaction is completely secured by Corvus Pay – Internet Payment Gateway.

Live-chat support

Live-chat support is provided when selecting devices, setting them up and using them.