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ABsistemDC(NG)v2 alarm centralization software

ABsistemDC(NG)v2 is software that enables centralization of alarm signals from protected objects in the notification center. Its purpose is to ensure reliable reception and quality processing of alarm signals and to facilitate the work of the call center operator. It is used in security alarm centers for the surveillance of protected facilities, fire alarm centers for receiving alarms from fire alarm systems and in larger companies that have their own alarm center.

The R&D department of Alarm automatika has been continuously developing ABsistemDC(NG)v2 software and adapting it to new technologies and user needs since 1992. It has been implemented in hundreds of alarm centers in the region and has been awarded several times for the innovation Video Verification of Alarm Signals.


ABsistemDC(NG)v2 software advantages

Video verification
It allows almost instant automatic displaying of videos from the location where the alarm was detected, thus preventing unnecessary interventions of the security teams.

Golden Kuna for Innovation 2009

Supports various communication formats
ABsistemDC(NG) supports all known communication formats and therefore compatible with receivers from various manufacturers of technical security systems: SurGard, Visonic, Paradox, Enigma, Ademco, AMC, Eldes, Bosch, Satel, Inim, S-Link, and other MLR compatible receivers.

Cloud version
ABsistemDCiCloud is a service that enables the reception of alarm events in notification centers via “Cloud” technology. It consists of a server application that processes alarm events in Alarm automation and a client application that receives already processed events on computers in alert centers. The service is intended for smaller call centers whose scope of work does not justify investment in expensive equipment, prescribed protection of the facility in which the call center is located and their maintenance, which means that it allows all call center jobs to be performed with significantly less investment.

With the support of Hamag invest

The operators in the CMS are receiving all messages in the language and script they know best and with the usual terminology.

Multiple types of recorders over the net monitoring (power, cameras and hard disks status), locally or over the Internet.

Alarm verification via Ajax MotionCam detector
When activated, Ajax MotionCam detector automatically sends a series of pictures of the event to the Central Monitoring Station, which enables real-time alarm verification.

CTN – Central technical supervision for constant insight into the state of the protection system

Central Technical Supervision (CTN) is a technical supervision over the correctness of a technical protection system that is established for the purpose of prompt elimination of all observed deficiencies. It enables monitoring of all events generated by technical protection systems on the facility, monitoring of their technical correctness and early detection of failures. It also enables control over the use of the system (switching on / off the alarm system, closing the door) and over the operation of service technicians and security guards.

Real-time online surveillance of security guards

The GuardPatrol mobile application provides insight into the movement of security guards, application of procedures and proving to the user that the agreed procedures have been fully implemented. The security guard reads QR codes or NFC tags that have been previously generated / programmed for each control point separately via the mobile phone. The mobile application sends information about tags and their geolocation to ABsistemDC(NG)v2 software and it is immediately, in real time, visible in the security alert center.

Modular concept for full adaptation to the users’ needs

Basic application

Basic application covers up to 500 accounts and one operator, and when necessary it can be expanded for an additional 500 accounts (License 500) and for an additional operator (License Additional Operator).

  • Event processing
    The module enables the display and processing of alarm events.
  • Address Book
    Module for managing contact information of the protected areas owners.
  • Reports
    Module for sending automatic reports and notifications.
  • Installer
    System maintenance and servicing monitoring module.
  • Timetables (exceptions)
    Module for supervising scheduled opening / closing and tests from monitored premises.

Additional modules

  • Video verification
    Allows automatic displaying of the camera’s snapshots from monitored premises.
  • ABsistemGuardPatrol
    Combined with the GuardPatrol mobile app, provides reliable real-time surveillance of the security guards.
  • WEB access
    Allows users to access information about their accounts via the Internet.
  • Ground plan
    Provides a graphical representation of the monitored zones status.
  • Procedures
    The module provides step by step guiding through the prescribed process for every defined account and warns the operator what specific actions should be taken.
  • SMS module
    Allows sending of a text message with a predefined event describing to the clients’ mobile numbers.