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About us

Regional leader in the technical security industry


Drazžice 123/c (Zamet)
51000 Rijeka
T: +385 (0)51 359 700


Poljicka cesta 11
21000 Split
T: +385 (0)21 542 653


Brace Miroslava i Janka Perice 19
23000 Zadar


Heinzelova 60
10000 Zagreb

Project sales
T: +385 (0)1 4662 750

T: +385 (0)1 369 04 91


Letaliska cesta 32
1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 (0)8 205 3710


Dzemala Bijedica 156
71 000 Sarajevo
T: +387 (0)33 218 872


Zarija Vujosevica 8
11 070 Belgrade (New Belgrade)
T: +381 (0)11 398 1482


Doka Mirasevica 106
81 000 Podgorica
T: +382 (0)20 657 007


Fivér utca 8/B
1131 Budapest
T: +36 (0)1 615 0087


Gilles Verne 8
1000 Skopje
T: +389 (0)2 245 7388


Strada Zece Mese nr. 9, sector 2
024061 Bucharest
T: +40 (0)31 426 0355


Rruga Spiro Floqi
1001 Tirana
T: +355 67 6067 000


street “prof. Aleksandŭr Tanev”
1715 z.k. Mladost 4 Sofia
T: +359 (2) 423 1452


Studená 5
821 04 Bratislava

Through more than 30 years of market presence, Alarm automatika has been developing its business operations in 11 countries, covering today the complete SE Europe region. More than 150 employees care about the needs of more than 2.000 regular customers. The offer includes products from more than 200 global manufacturers, and our own brands are continuously developing, with their characteristics tunned for the specific markets.


To build a system of relationships whose primary goal is to protect lives and property, while improving the quality of life and business, by continuously adopting new knowledge and technologies, monitoring market trends and consumer needs, while working closely with clients and partners. The vision of Alarm automatika is to achieve a leading role in the technical security industry of southern and south-eastern Europe.


The company’s mission is to create a value proposition that includes high quality, innovative products, services and the complete solutions which fulfil individual customer needs in order to reduce risk to customers and business partners, to support smooth business operations and faster growth by use of the common platform.


The people from Alarm automatika company are the crucial factor in the so far achieved results and the vision of further development. The position of regional market leader is built by continuous investment in technical, economic, organizational, engineering, IT and management competencies of employees.

“In-house” R&D

In order for the company’s portfolio to be maximally competitive and technologically advanced, integrated and adapted to the users’ specific needs, the entire team of engineers is constantly monitoring new technologies, developing new products, services and software, as well as its own brands. The company has been repeatedly awarded for the developed solutions and realized projects.

Authorizations and certificates

Both the company and the employees have all the necessary authorizations in the field of technical security, construction and informatics, as well as the Business Security Certificate. Operations are in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for business management and the ISO 27001 certificate for the information security. The success of the work has been verified by the 3A Creditworthiness certificate from Company Wall Business for more than 15 years.

Corporate social responsibility

An important part of our vision of success is to operate in a way that, besides to achieving our own goals, we contribute to the development of the wider community and the preservation of the environment. We are actively involved in a number of projects in which we put the knowledge and material resources of Alarm Automatika into the hands of community, with the desire to create a more pleasant and safer society for us and future generations, too.

Management system policies

Quality policy

By applying the ISO 9001: 2015 standard of Quality Management System, the company determined the quality management policy in the following ways:

  • nurture and build partnerships with customers
  • employ professional and ambitious staff, and enable and encourage continuous training
  • provide state-of-the-art equipment, and maintain the infrastructure and environment for comfortable operation
  • nurture and develop partnerships with suppliers
  • apply and improve the effectiveness of the quality management system based on the requirements of this international standard and strive to exceed the level of these requirements
  • set ambitious, measurable and achievable quality goals.

Environmental policy

By applying the ISO 14001: 2015 standard, the Environmental Management System, the company demonstrates its environmental and social awareness to partners, employees and society. The company has established an environmental policy, showing commitment to nature and environmental protection, and pollution prevention, in the following ways:

  • ensure that the impacts of production activities have a minimal and controlled impact on the environment and nature
  • continuously work on improving environmental protection and pollution prevention
  • comply with legislation relating to environmental aspects
  • establish and improve environmental objectives
  • document, implement and maintain the environmental protection system
  • familiarize the organization with the purpose and need for environmental protection.

Occupational health and safety management policy

The company supports the process of managing health and safety at work as an integral part of the company’s business culture, business practices and good governance, which achieves better business results and stronger management responsibility.

The Company provides frameworks for setting goals for health and safety at work by providing the necessary human, material and financial resources and obtains the necessary time frames and knowledge to achieve the set business goals. The company is:

  • dedicated to meeting all legal and regulatory requirements and requirements related to specific industry sector.
  • dedicated to risk management in the form of timely identification of risks related to occupational safety and implementation of risk processing, to eliminate or at least reduce them.
  • committed to ensuring safe working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and / or illness, considering the context of society and the specific nature of the risks and possible opportunities.
  • committed to continuous development of the management system through appropriate and timely improvement of documentation and communication of changes to all company’s stakeholders involved.

The company is open to cooperation and consultation with workers and encourages the participation of workers and / or their representatives in all matters relating to working conditions and the protection of health and safety at work.