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People counting software ABsistemCounter

Accurate data on the number of customers and visitors are key information for better business management in various industries – shops, clubs, museums, public transport, public institutions, office buildings, etc.


ABsistemCounter is a specialist software that counts via IP cameras and records in the database how many people entered or left the space. The software provides a centralized view of the collected data in real time and their subsequent analysis. A web version is available as well, and it allows users to view data via the web interface and on all mobile devices. The software can be adapted to the specific user’s needs.

ABsistemCounter People counting


  • Business Management (optimization of the number of employees in the shift; selection of time for repairs or cleaning)
  • Sales improvement (efficiency of marketing campaigns)
  • Increasing the security level (evacuation management for incident situations)
  • Business Supervision (ticket collection control)
  • Prevention of the epidemic spread (number of people in the monitored area)


  • Counter status viewing via Google Maps
  • Weather conditions displaying, separately for each location
  • Easy calculation of the current number of people at specific premise covered by cameras
  • Automatic reports creation
  • Camera management via software (editing cameras, counters and images, testing)
  • Data Export for further analysis

Reports and analyzes

  • The content and appearance of the reports and analysis are previously defined
  • The user determines the report period, data resolution (10 minutes, hour, day, month) and objects covered by the analysis
  • New reports adding on demand
  • Export data for further analysis
  • Automatic reports – daily, monthly or yearly; for one selected location or a several of them

ABsistemSmartRetail Stores’ analytics


ABSmartRetail is a software that allows retailers to track customer behavior and have all the analytical data in one place – the number of customers entered the store, where they spent most of their time shopping in the form of heat maps, analyze customer behavior and crowds’ control. Thus, different analyzes are enabled – customer behavior in relation to marketing campaigns, comparisons of customer behavior in stores on the different locations, analysis of the relationship between weather conditions and customer behavior etc.

  • Heat maps – an analysis that shows where in the store the customers stay the most
  • Data viewing on Google Maps
  • Automatic reports sending by e-mail; if needed users’ creation of reports is enabled
  • Several possibilities of collected data graphical displaying
  • Remote controlling of counters and devices for generating heat maps, calibration of counters, image preview
  • Modular software
  • Available in Croatian and English

ABsistemLimitPeople Determining the number of people at the premise


ABsistemLimitPeople is a software that enables automatic calculation of the number of people in the facility via IP cameras and displaying of the maximum allowed and current number of people in the facility, with signaling whether entry is allowed or not. It is used in all activities where a number of people in the premise is limited to prevent the spread of the epidemic – shops, hotels, camps, business and public facilities – and for business analysis purposes, too.

  • 98% counting accuracy
  • Displaying of the current and maximum number of people
  • Clear signaling of premise occupancy status
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Easy display branding (logo, colors, messages, language selection)
  • Easy installation

Public transport passengers’ counting

Public transport passengers’ counting

Counting passengers entering a public transport vehicle is common in the world due to business parameters monitoring, but due to restrictions related to the coronavirus epidemic, automatic counting solutions are increasingly being sought. Passengers entering / exiting the bus, for example, are counted via special cameras, and the software determines in advance the maximum number of passengers. When a maximum number of passengers in the vehicle is reached, the software activates light and / or sound signals. Setting up a monitor showing the number of people that are currently in the vehicle is possible, too.

  • Public transport general supervision
  • Business management improving
  • The vehicle route tracking
  • The spread of epidemic prevention
  • Communication with the security CSM (Central Monitoring Station) in emergency situations

Vivotek 3D people counting – 98% accuracy

A counting reliability of as much as 98% is achieved due Vivotek 3D Depth technology implemented in network cameras for stereo counting. Accurately monitoring of people’s movement direction, „U“ movement and detection of changes in direction within the counting zone are implemented.

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Remote system controlling
  • Integration with video analytics software Vivotek VAST for detailed analysis and different ways of data displaying (graphs, tables, lines)
  • Real time Data availability
  • Local data storage