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Application for collecting, storing, analyzing and visualizing energy consumption data ABsistemEnergy

The global scale of environmental pollution, reduced energy resources and climate change have brought energy efficiency into the focus of interest of society, scientists, businessmen and individuals. All segments of society are looking for solutions that will increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint with sustainable solutions, and success in efforts to make consumption sustainable largely depends on the accuracy and timeliness of data on energy and water consumption.

ABsistemEnergy is an application for centralized collection, storage, analysis and visualization of energy and water consumption data in facilities found at one or more geographically remote locations. Its purpose is to enable a simple and quick analysis of consumption data so that users can implement measures that will lead to greater energy efficiency of the facilities they manage.

  • Centralized monitoring of energy consumption at geographically distant facilities
  • Easy to add and update new sites and buildings, site data, metering points and parameters,
  • Complete freedom in the choice of measuring devices
  • Immediate notification of consumption outside reference values
  • Benchmarking for quick identification of energy efficiency improvement opportunities, user-friendly consumption comparison criteria
  • The possibility of comparing data collected by metering equipment with consumption data from bills for various energy sources
  • Customizable / Adaptation to user needs
  • Reports and analyses
  • Data visualization for easier understanding
  • In accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001

Energy consumption

  • Electric energy
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Fuels
  • Energetics for heating and cooling

Monitoring the state of the environment

  • Humidity
  • CO2 concentration in rooms
  • Temperature outdoor / indoor
  • Atmospheric pressure

Specific measurements

  • Energy consumption of individual machines and/or production processes