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Video analytics and artificial intelligence

Software or edge-based video analytics

Video analytics can be built into the recorder, which requires a higher bandwidth infrastructure, or on the cameras with stronger characteristics.

Advanced Spatial Analytics

Advanced spatial analytics relies on Deep Learning and AI technologies that ensure high detection reliability, without false alarms. It enables accurate detection of entries and retentions in a particular zone, left object detection or disappearance of an object in a crowd. High precision in distinguishing humans from, for example, animals, rain, or lighting change.

Forensic search

Metadata allows you to quickly search through stored video records by using key information, for example, searching for all cars of a certain colour.

Traffic analytics

Advanced traffic analytics enables the detection of situations that are not common on roads – driving in the wrong direction, speeding, keeping vehicles in forbidden places, notifying vehicles that are prohibited from moving on roads or that are on the road at an unauthorized time. The recognition and recording of vehicles’ registration plates and the processing of all data in the video surveillance centre is related to it, too.

Vehicles’ License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Special IP cameras enable vehicles’ license plate recognition (LPR). The recorded registration is converted into a digital record via OCR software and it is possible to search vehicle databases. Further integration via ABsistemPARK software enables vehicle access authorization, automatic ramp control and connection with business management software.

People and visitors counting

Customers and visitors counting in a facility and recording in the database the number of people entered and left the premise is possible through use of IP cameras. To ensure high counting accuracy of as much as 98%, Vivotek network stereo counting cameras, with implemented 3D Depth technology are used. Integration with ABsistemCounter software enables centralized review of collected data in real time and during subsequent analyzes.


Fisheye cameras are usually used for monitoring of large areas. As well, they allow people’s behaviour analysis, in the form of heatmaps. It shows where people linger the most and where crowds are created, which is an important information for better organization of premises and business. ABsistemSmartRetail software includes, as well, the function of analyzing customer behavior in stores via heat maps.