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Evacuation (EVAC) and public address (PA) systems

Ambient System MultiVes modular sound systems

Modular MultiVes EVAC / PA systems are characterized by great flexibility and scalability. They are used in large applications, which consist of the multiple construction-separated facilities, such as hotel resorts, shopping malls, or university campuses. The system elements used for EVAC comply with the EN 54 standard.

Ambient System MiniVes compact sound systems

Compact MiniVes systems are available as stand-alone or networked solutions. They are used in smaller applications, such as stores or schools. The system elements used for EVAC comply with the EN 54 standard.

Ambient System speakers

A wide range of speaker types (wall, ceiling, trumpet-shaped, for tunnels, for high voltage, linear) allows achieving of quality sound in all included spaces. The speakers used for fire alarm are compliant with EN 54 standard.

Ambient System amplifiers

The wide range of amplifiers of different power allows adaptation to the requirements of every application. Speakers are connected through them and sound sources, as well (background music units, microphones, fire microphones, mp3 devices), which are used to broadcast messages and background music.

Microphones and accessories

A wide range of microphones (fire, zonic), and all the necessary accessories (power supplies, volume controllers) allowing each application to be performed in accordance with specific needs.

Integrated evacuation and sound systems

EVAC can be used as a sound system for playing background music or for promotional purposes, due to its features and, equally important, modern design. This means that the EVAC system today often replaces the PA systems in most facilities and ultimately represents a better cost-effective solution.