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Public and business facilities

Fire and gas prevention, emergency lighting, voice evacuation system, the smoke and heat extraction systems

Fire protection measures are applied for the safety of people in case of fire. For better efficiency and controlling, fire and gas alarm systems are integrated with evacuation systems (emergency panic lighting, voice evacuation system, smoke and heat dissipation systems).

Access control and management

The process of people identification and permissions’ issuing while entering the business facilities is accelerated by ABsistemGuestManager software, which integrates access control, document scanning, visitor evidence and printing of accreditations.

People counting

ABsistemCounter software provides information on the number of people currently in the facility and analysis of the number of people in relation to the time of day, day of the week or weather conditions. The collected data enable better management in terms of business organization (optimization of the number of employees in shifts; selection of time for repairs or cleaning), increase of the level of security (evacuation management) and prevention of the epidemic spread.

Video surveillance and video analytics

Video surveillance of public areas effectively prevents harmful events and enables their subsequent reconstruction. Through video analytics functions, it is possible to generate an alarm in predefined situations (e.g. left object detection).

ABsistemTicketing for facilities with a large number of visitors

ABsistemTicketing software integrates ticket sales (online / offline) with barriers at entrances and toll terminals. With a particular type of ticket one can only enter at a certain time and through a certain barrier.

Solutions for stadiums

In addition to video surveillance of the perimeter and passages through which people are moving, solution includes video surveillance of the visitors in a resolution that enables recognition / identification of the persons. Entrance control integrates online ticketing with barriers at the entrance via ABsistemTicketing, which also enables spectators’ online counting. The systems meet the highest UEFA standards.

Documentation of the applied security measures

The Security vulnerability assessment and the Technical security project are the basis for later system upgrades and maintenance. The documentation also includes equipment certificates, as well records and work orders related to repairs and servicing.

Maintenance and Central Technical Monitoring (CTM)

Remote monitoring of the security systems correctness and stability via CTM service enables fast elimination of all detected irregularities. Technical support and organization of repairs is provided by the maintenance team.