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Anti-intrusion and Anti-burglary systems

Ajax wireless systems – “When security is Art”

Ajax intelligent wireless system provides a new experience for both users and installers of security equipment, while combine superior design with advanced high-tech solutions. Ajax wireless systems are easy to install but reliable as wired ones. Alarm automatika is the exclusive representative of the Ajax brand in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania and Montenegro.

DSC PowerSeries Neo hybrid alarm control panels

Hybrid technology alarm control panels with 16, 32, 64 or 128 zones are available for a different applications’ sizes. All panels come with two-way PowerG technology for greater reliability and protection of wireless alarm signal transmission.

DSC PowerSeries Neo detectors

A wide range of detectors is available for indoor and outdoor intruders’ detection, and environment status detection. Detectors with pet-immunity are available, as well detectors which enable video verification, ceiling mounting and antimasking function.

DSC PowerSeries Neo systems controlling

DSC Neo anti-intrusion systems can be operated by wired and wireless LCD or touch screen keyboards. The DSC Neo can also function as a personal protection system when panic buttons are used.

Universal anti-burglar detectors and communicators

A wide selection of anti-burglar peripheral devices from various manufacturers such as DSC, S-Link, Inim, Menvier, AMC, Politec, Belt, Bentel and Enigma are available, too.