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Video surveillance

DVC video surveillance – AHD and IP technology

Alarm automatika has been developing its own brand DVC since 2003, as the response to the regional market need for a product that will be flexible and dependable. With the most advanced technology and reliable components (cameras, recorders and accessories), DVC products provide the highest performance in both technologies, AHD and IP.

DVC IP system flexibility

The wide range and flexibility of the products allow their application in buildings of different sizes and purposes – from residential and smaller business offices, to complex, high-risk facilities, which are used by a large number of people. The complexity of the system could reach up to 30.000 cameras. The cameras are classified into five different product lines – Special, Supreme, Smart, Start and Speed and can meet all users’ requirements, by the criteria of price, quality and performance ratio.

A panoramic camera with Starlight technology stands out In the Special class. It contains four individual cameras that are merged into one, thanks to the special software. The Starlight sensor enables night colour operation with a perfect image even in the very low light conditions.

DVC AHD systems

DVC AHD analogue video surveillance systems in HD resolution are most used to protect residential and commercial buildings where users want high quality analogue recording technology. The advantage is that existing installation may be used.

DVC video analytics

Perimeter protection and object & scene tracking are enabled by AI video analytics functions of DVC video surveillance. Depending on the camera type, it is possible to monitor detection of the line crossing, space intrusion, people counting, recognizing people and vehicles, face detection, license plates recognition (LPR).

NVMS 2.0. management software

DVC systems can be managed remotely via DVC NVMS 2.0 (LITE) software, DVC recorders, web browsers and mobile applications. The administrator can manage multiple recorders simultaneously (compatibility with Hikvison or Dahua systems is assured), and up to 100 cameras.

DVC Connect App for real-time camera viewing

All DVC recorders, regardless of technology, support the new, unique, free, mobile DVC Connect application. It allows real time cameras’ viewing from the recorder, as well, local recording on the SD card of the mobile phone and viewing of the recorded material from the SD card. Alerting the user about events initiated by motion detection or the alarm inputs on the recorder are the options, too.

DVC servers for video surveillance monitoring stations

We offer a wide range of servers for video surveillance monitoring stations, specially adjusted to work with DVC video surveillance systems and NVMS software. They can monitor up to 30.000 cameras and enable video verification of alarm events.

DVC temperature measuring systems

Alarm automatika presently offers five innovative DVC solutions for contactless detection of fever, as a contribution to responsible public behaviour and health protection.

The main differentiation between these solutions is the amount of data that can be processed over a period. For high-frequency passages with smart video analytics, up to 30 people can be processed simultaneously, and for medium-frequency passages up to 10 people at the same time.

The flexible solution DTC-24F stands out, which, in addition to temperature measuring, can recognize whether a person is wearing a mask. The same device has the ability of network connecting with the security systems (access control, video intercom, time attendance), so its application is very flexible.