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Smart home video surveillance

Battery and solar powered surveillance cameras

Battery and solar powered cameras are extremely easy to set up, move and maintain. The batteries are charged via a micro USB cable, while the solar ones are powered by connecting to a panel. They are available in versions for outdoor and indoor use, and the features include HD resolution, motion detection, two-way audio communication, night recording and wireless connection.

Wi-Fi surveillance cameras

Wi-Fi IP cameras are easy to set up, have a long range and are used in both home and business applications. Models with fixed or moving lenses, for outdoor and indoor use are available. They enable recording resolution up to 5 MP, two-way audio communication, night recording and video storage on a SD card or recorder. The space can be monitored remotely via mobile phone, too.

PoE IP cameras

No cables or adapters are required to power PoE cameras, and they are easy to set up. High-resolution fixed and mobile cameras (4K / 5 MP) are available with a waterproof case, and the possibility of night and audio recording.

PoE and Wi-Fi CCTV kits

Kits consist of various types of cameras and recorders. They allow you to securely store videos for later viewing. The kits can work with and without an Internet connection, the installation is “Plug & Play”, and the system can be accessed locally and remotely.

Wireless 4G cameras

The wireless 4G camera is the perfect choice for homes, cottages, outdoor areas, shops, construction sites, camps, boat or parking lots. It is ideal for any location where there is no electricity or WiFi signal. User can install camera by himself, at the selected location, and simply insert a SIM card with 3G or 4G LTE network into the camera with a rechargeable battery. The cameras have a PIR motion sensor that initiate recording triggered by human movements, without false alarms. Thanks to the weatherproof design, camera can easily and simply be installed at any desired place.