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Shopping malls

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

EAS is the most effective system in shoplifting prevention. It enables displaying and immediate availability of the goods directly to customers, without the need for increasing the number of sellers. It is also used for more efficient management of retail processes.

Integration of IP video with POS cash registers

The video is searched by keywords (date, item, amount, seller) and card transaction information. It enables automatic generation of alarms in the case of rejected transactions, data displaying from POS terminals in several locations, and export or archiving of a video clip or disputed transactions records.

Customer counting and store analytics

ABsistemSmartRetail software allows retailers to count customers, monitor their behavior in the shop (heat maps) and collect in one place data on the number of customers in relation to marketing campaigns, information on customer behavior in stores at different locations, analyze the relationship between weather conditions and customer behavior and control crowds.

Fisheye cameras, heatmaps, face level recording

Fisheye cameras replace multiple cameras for a larger area monitoring, without losing image details. They are also used for in-store heatmaps analytics of customers’ behaviour. Special cameras that record at face level are used to monitor the shelves with goods.

Safety systems are mandatory

Safety systems ensure fast notification and safe evacuation in case of the fire. They are (fire alarms, gas alarms, evacuation loudspeakers, smoke and heat removal and panic lighting) can reduce the overall investment in construction fire protection measures, and new technologies enable networking of control panels, compatibility of detectors from different manufacturers or accessing via the Internet.

On-site systems’ integration and centralization

Software integration of technical security systems on the facility enables easier monitoring, management and centralization of the signals from dislocated facilities. The solution is expandable in terms of adding facilities, subsequent integration of various technical systems (e.g. air conditioning) and new functionalities (e.g. parking ramps’ control).

Documentation of the applied security measures

The Security vulnerability assessment and the Technical security project are the basis for later system upgrades and maintenance. The documentation also includes equipment certificates, as well records and work orders related to repairs and servicing.

Maintenance and Central Technical Monitoring (CTM)

Remote monitoring of the security systems correctness and stability via CTM service enables fast elimination of all detected irregularities. Technical support and organization of repairs is provided by the maintenance team.