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Advanced access control systems

Fingerprint identification

Fingerprint identification is the most used method of a biometric access control due to its convenience and fast person identification. It is used in facilities where it is important to accurately determine the identity of a person entering the protected area.

Face recognition

Face recognition via IP video surveillance is used for access control into high-secured areas. The system compares a snapshot of a person with photos stored in the database, of people who have permission to enter. This feature also prevents the misuse of ID cards.

Centralized access control and time attendance

IP-based access control and time attendance enable centralized management of systems with multiple dislocated objects. Adding users and assigning authorizations (access levels) are carried out remotely, and the collection of working hours recorded data is centralized. This significantly speeds up many administrative tasks, such as the salaries calculation.

Barriers for people and vehicles

When it is required to ensure that only one person passes through the access control system using only one card, different sequencing barriers are used or, for a higher level of security, full-height rotary cabs. Road barriers are the most common means of controlling vehicle access and when choosing the equipment, one should pay attention to its reliability and durability, duty cycle and the safety of use.

Ticket issuance

The process of tickets’ issuing can be significantly accelerated by online sales and the use of ticket machines. ABsmartKiosk enables tickets’ issuance and payment in cash or by credit cards, and reading barcodes of online issued tickets, too. Integration via ABsistemTicketing software enables additional integration with access control systems at the entrances, as well with video surveillance and business management software.