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Hotels and camps

Quick check-in and check-out of the hotel guests

ABsmartKiosk provides quick check-in and check-out of the hotel guests, as it provides documents checking, cards issuing, room entrance controlling and expenses paying. It can also be used for additional offers advertising and tickets or vouchers purchasing for selected events.

LPR and vehicle access control to campsites

Guests’ and suppliers’ vehicle entry control can be accelerated by using ABsistemPark software. They compare plate number with the archived database and automatically admit entrance for vehicles with a permission.

Panoramic cameras for surveillance of large areas

Megapixel panoramic cameras allow surveillance of large areas (parking lots, lobbies, staircases), and a live video stream can be used for promotion. The panoramic camera replaces several standard cameras.

Time attendance and access control systems

The access control and time attendance systems support the control of access to individual premises and various modes of employment (regular, seasonal) as well, different working hours (overtime, flexitime, shifts).

Limiting the number of people in separate hotel areas

ABsistemLimitPeople software allows easy display of the number of people in the specific area, for example, in a hotel restaurant, or by the pool. This allows guests to avoid places that are currently crowded and keeping social contact within desirable limits. People are counted via IP cameras at the entrance, and the display shows the number of people which are currently in this area and the maximum number allowed, too.

Intelligent rooms, SOS systems and energy management

The success of a business significantly depends on the costs of heating, cooling, lighting and water; therefore, these should be taken into account. The consumption in the rooms is easily managed by using of the intelligent room system.

Integration of safety solutions and automation

Hotels use many managing, surveillance and protection systems. Safety systems (fire alarms, gas alarms, evacuation loudspeakers, panic lighting and smoke and heat dissipation) are mandatory in the higher categories, and usually are integrated with BMS systems (for heating, cooling, lighting, shading), which allows more efficiently running of the facility and reduce costs.

Documentation of the applied security measures

The Security vulnerability assessment and the Technical security project are the basis for later system upgrades and maintenance. The documentation also includes equipment certificates, as well records and work orders related to repairs and servicing.

Maintenance and Central Technical Monitoring (CTM)

Remote monitoring of the security systems correctness and stability via CTM service enables fast elimination of all detected irregularities. Technical support and organization of repairs is provided by the maintenance team.