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Banks and financial institutions

Video surveillance with identification function 2

Video surveillance of key points and processes (entrances / exits, payment points, money transfer, vaults) must have an identification function, and is also used to monitor the length of queues at payment points.

IP / GPRS supervised communication

IP communicators enable that communication of the alarm system with CMS – Central Monitoring Station is continuous (via permanent communication check), monitored (through immediate information of communication failure) and protected (by signal encryption).

Access control and door interlocking

Access control to money depositing facilities and technical rooms must allow the various levels of access and the implementation of predefined procedures. Interlocking doors at the entrances can also have the video analytics function of facial masking detection.

ABsistemInterlock software allows interlock cabins to be operated both locally and remotely from the control center.

Limiting the number of people in offices

ABsistemLimitPeople software allows to easily limit the number of people in the office for safety or health reasons. People are counted via IP cameras, and the display shows the number of people which are currently in the room and the maximum number allowed.

ATM integration with video surveillance and anti-skimming

The integration provides automatic recording of all transactions and entering of the transaction description (place, time, amount, account number) directly into the recorded video file. The video archive is searchable by keywords. It requires digital recorders of small dimensions, with remote access and text-in input.

Grade 3 anti-intrusion and anti-burglary

According to the EN 50131 standard, anti- intrusion and anti-burglary should meet Grade 3 security level in the banks. The degree of security of the whole system is determined by the lowest degree of installed components.

Centralization and integration of technical protection systems

In order to raise the level of protection and facilitate management, it is common to integrate technical protection systems at the facility via ABsistemDCi software and to centralize the reception and processing of alarm signals from dislocated branches and ATMs in the control center via ABsistemDC(NG)v2 software.

Documentation of the applied security measures

The Security vulnerability assessment and the Technical security project are the basis for later system upgrades and maintenance. The documentation also includes equipment certificates, as well records and work orders related to repairs and servicing.

Maintenance and Central Technical Monitoring (CTM)

Remote monitoring of the security systems correctness and stability via CTM service enables fast elimination of all detected irregularities. Technical support and organization of repairs is provided by the maintenance team.