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Audio solutions

Fonestar sound sources

Fonestar amplifiers allow you to broadcast sound from various sources – radios, USB / SD / MP3 players and microphones. Therefore, they can be adapted for use in various applications (shops, schools, churches, schools, cafes).

Fonestar sound control

The Fonestar range of amplifiers of different power allows complete adaptation of the audio solution to the requirements of the application. With additional attenuators, it is possible to adjust different volume in different spaces.

Fonestar speakers

Fonestar speakers are available in different designs (surface-mounted, ceiling) and with different features. This allows each space to be equipped with an adequate loudspeaker that will completely fit into the interior with its design.

Fonestar wireless audio distribution solution

Fonestar wireless solutions are used for spaces that are already in operation and in which the procedure of wiring the public address system would interfere with work. Several types of wireless receivers, headphones, microphones, and power supplies are available.

Fonestar contactless communication

Fonestar intercom systems enable clear voice communication between people who are in separate spaces or communicate through a glass partition without physical contact. Extremely simple stand-alone solutions are available for installation and use. They basically consist of speakers and microphones that can be connected wired and wirelessly.