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Emergency lighting

Harper emergency lighting controlled by Inim fire control panels

Harper BUS controlled emergency lighting is compatible with the fire alarm protocol. All elements of the system can be connected to addressable fire alarm systems directly to the same loop, at the hardware level.

Harper emergency lighting operated by separate control panels

Emergency lighting control panels, independent of fire alarm are available, too. They allow monitoring, diagnostics and control of each illuminator, as well as additional functions such as testing of the illuminator’s functionality or the battery power, and the light level adjusting.

Harper stand-alone self-powered illuminators

Harper illuminators are available in different designs, different light strength and duration, autonomy and protection levels. They have the same addressable protocol built in as in fire alarm elements, so they can be connected directly to the fire alarm control panel loop. They comply with the ISO 7010 standard.

Harper signalling for evacuation routing

Signalling for directing people to evacuation routes is available in different designs (ceiling, wall) and with standardized pictograms.

Harper emergency lighting centralized power supply

Centralized power supply provides constant emergency lamp monitoring and battery testing, simplifies examination and maintenance, better evacuation directing, and light level adjustment.