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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Antennas for passages of different widths

Built-in visual and audible indicators immediately notify store associates of alarm events. Antennas are available in different designs and can be adapted to different passage widths. Their wide surfaces are often used to advertise companies and products on offer.

Advanced EAS functions

Sensormatic EAS solutions support several advanced features such as data analysis via RFID, metal foil / jammer detection, traffic intelligence and video verification, to combat organized retail crime. Additional functions are modular, and user may define which ones wants to apply.

High reliability of AM detection method

Sensormatic EAS systems are based on Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology, characterized by high reliability of detection. Detection does not depend significantly on the position of the security elements, allowing a longer detection range and delivers superior pick rates in all environments. AM technology enables wide application, but the quality of installation is important for achieving a full functionality.

Comprehensive Anti-Theft Sensor Portfolio

A full suite of Sensormatic EAS sensors allows protecting merchandise of all types, sizes and costs. Offer includes labels of various colours and design, tags of different sizes, standard with a pin, pinless or with lanyard, plastic or metal, for bottles, and multi-purpose safers and wraps.