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Professional services for complex projects


The project developed by authorized persons guarantees a functional and cost-effective system, in accordance with regulations in force.

The Security vulnerability assessment and the Study of security measures

The risk level present at the facility and within its important business operations are analysed according to the international methodology and systematized by the Security vulnerability assessment and the Study of security measures.

Consulting, investment assessment and conceptual design

The investment assessment estimates all the necessary investments (equipment, materials, works), duration of the investment and recommendations for implementation. The next step is Conceptual design of security measures, adapted to specific needs and based on this assessment.

Project supervision

Supervision protects the investor from partial or unprofessional installation, accidental or intentional contractor’s oversights and guarantees compliance with positive laws.

Coordination and project management

Bigger projects and projects in which several contractors participate, require coordination, i.e. project management by authorized project managers.

Software integration and integration with user’s business structure

Integrated technical security systems are faster and easier to manage, and for their full cost-effectiveness they should be integrated with BMS (Building Management System) and integrated into the client’s information and communication structure.


ABsistemdcCARE4 is a unique model of monitoring, maintenance and servicing of technical security systems, which includes the Central Technical Monitoring (CTM) of system performance, the network of certified installers and servicing partners.