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Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) equipment

Sur-Gard receivers

Sur-Gard TCP / IP receivers accept alarm signals from DSC and other compatible alarm systems. They support the video verification function via DSC PowerSeries Neo control panels and communicate with all T-Link IP / GPRS communicators. There is a possibility of redundant configuration, as well.

Enigma receivers

Enigma TCP / IP receivers receive alarm signals from universal communicators using the SIA / IP protocol. These come with built-in cards for 256 IP accounts.

Line cards for system extension

Alarm automatika offers various cards for expanding the capacity of Sur-Gard and Enigma alarm receivers. The user can add them afterward, as needed, i.e. when the number of his users overpasses the current capacity.

ABsistemDC(NG) software for alarm signals’ receiving and processing

ABsistemDC(NG) software enables reliable reception and quality processing of alarm signals in the CMS. It was completely developed by Alarm automatika R&D Department and fully supports all the receivers from our portfolio. A Cloud version that could be purchased at monthly fee basis has been developed for smaller CMS.

ABsistemGuardPatrol module for online surveillance of security guards

GuardPatrol is a module of the ABsistemDC (NG) software which, in combination with the GuardPatrol mobile application, enables security CMS to reliably monitor security guards’ visits in real time, in an extremely simple manner and at minimum cost.