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Intelligent management and control

Ticketing and access management

ABsistemTicketing software manages the entry of people into stadiums and public facilities. It integrates online ticket sales, access control terminals and barriers, video surveillance and business management software.

Customers and visitors counting

ABsistemCounter software counts and records in the database the number of visitors entering or leaving the facility via IP video surveillance. The overview is centralized, in real time or subsequently, and allows numerous business analysis.

Room reservation

ABsistemRooms software enables a process of room’s booking in smaller accommodation facilities and better management of check-in, check-out, billing and rooms’ maintenance.

Parking solutions

ABsistemPark software manages access control of vehicles into car parks. It integrates LPR cameras, access control readers, intercom communication, reception and other business software. Different versions are available, with vehicle categorization, parking fees and free parking spaces indication.

Traffic management

ABsistemTraffic software integrates IP cameras with video analytics of traffic monitoring (traffic jams, accidents, congestions), with traffic management systems (traffic lights) and directs traffic to the optimal route.

Management and entry records

ABsistemGuestManager software integrates access control with an identification documents scanner and printing of the credentials of a graded access level, in the facilities where identification is required upon entry.

Surveillance at Reloading stations

ABsistemGreen software is used at reloading stations to identify drivers and vehicles and automatically print the necessary documents. Integrates access control, barriers, vehicle weighing, LPR cameras and traffic lights.