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Industry and large infrastructure facilities

Special designed and certified equipment

All equipment used in industrial and large infrastructure facilities should be suitable for working in harsh conditions and outdoors. For certain applications it must also have specific certificates.

Vehicles’ access control to ramps and anti-terrorist barriers

In addition to the common barriers, mechanical barriers of various resistances and design (fixed, lifting, sliding, anti-terrorist) are used in high-risk applications to stop unauthorized attempts of vehicles entering the secured perimeter.

People counting

ABsistemCounter software provides information on the number of people currently in the facility, as well as various subsequent analyzes. The collected data enable better management of the facility, in terms of business organization and increase the level of security, in terms of evacuation management during incident situations, when it is important to know how many people are in certain areas.

Perimeter protection

Vibration detectors mounted on fences, video analytics or optical cables that are buried in the ground or placed above the protected objects are used for protection of large open spaces and distant perimeters.

Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras monitor large open and poorly lit spaces. They are used for border surveillance (detection of movement over the long distances at night) or technological surveillance of thermal power stations (they detect an increase in temperature).

Special fire detection methods (aspiration, OSID)

Special fire detection methods such as aspiration (air sampling) or OSID barriers for large spaces are used in plants and warehouses, due to the presence of the large number of particles in the air.

Documentation of the applied security measures

The Security vulnerability assessment and the Technical security project are the basis for later system upgrades and maintenance. The documentation also includes equipment certificates, as well records and work orders related to repairs and servicing.

Maintenance and Central Technical Monitoring (CTM)

Remote monitoring of the security systems correctness and stability via CTM service enables fast elimination of all detected irregularities. Technical support and organization of repairs is provided by the maintenance team.