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Gas alarm

Inim addressable and conventional gas alarms

Addressable and conventional gas control panels are available, and since Inim fire alarm control panels can receive signals from gas alarm detectors, fire and gas alarm systems can be integrated.

Inim Industrial series of gas detectors for industrial applications

Special detectors that are characterized by speed, reliability and detection accuracy are intended for industrial applications. Detectors for methane, gasoline vapor, CO, LPG, acetylene, hydrogen, propane are available in various technologies, in explosion-proof or common, dust protected housing. Detector’s sensory element is made as a removable component, which simplifies maintenance.

Inim Elite series of gas detectors for business applications

The Elite series enables the detection of a wide range of gases via several detection technologies (catalytic, pellistor, electrochemical or infrared), and is characterized by easy calibration and maintenance via buttons on the housing. Available are in ex-version, as well.