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Access and time attendance control

In-Out standalone readers and controllers

Stand-alone systems, where controller and reader are united in one housing, are suitable for residential or small business premises due to their affordable price and easy installation. The range of In-Out systems includes several types of readers, with different means of identification – by card, keypad, fingerprint, and all in anti-vandal design.

Jantar stand-alone readers and controllers

Jantar stand-alone access control solutions can be remotely controlled, with permanent or temporarily access codes assignment. Several versions of readers are available – with or without TCP / IP protocol, and which could communicate with identification media of different types (cards, tags, PIN).

Jantar advanced access control

Different versions of the Jantar controllers and readers are available and they can control multiple doors connected to the system. The system hardware is connected to a server running access control management software.

Jantar Codex application for time attendance

Access control is often combined with time attendance because the systems are logically connected in terms of identification and checkpoints’ location. Different versions of Jantar Codex software are available, depending on the number of employees and the place of registration. They enable many advanced features and flexible human resource management.

In-Out security Guard Tour System

In-Out security Guard Tour kit consists of a portable reader (rubber baton), with which the security guard records its presence on checkpoint tags along the tour site. Data from the reader are then loaded into the tour monitoring software, upon return to the monitoring station.