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Licensed installers of security systems

Wide range of modern technologies based technical security systems

The one-stop source concept of a wide range of security devices and equipment guarantees to installers that they will find in one place everything they need to create a fully functional technical security system. The technical department tests the reliability of the equipment and the overall functionality of all systems, and therefore only proven and reliable security solutions are introduced to the markets covered.

B2B online platform

The ordering process is maximally simplified for installers by use of the B2B online platform. All the features of all products are available at one place, along with all the necessary documentation and stock availability. As well, platform offers products’ comparison, mobile phones and tablets usability, and purchase quotations’ preparing for end users.

Technical Support

A team of experts specialized in various areas of technical security provides technical support, in a way tunned to installers’ needs – by phone, online or at the installation site.

Continuous communication

Continuous communication and informing of associates and partners, about new products, new technologies in technical security and new versions of devices and software. Communication is done through regular annual conferences, weekly newsletters and corporate and B2B websites.

Technical education

The purpose of education sessions for working with systems in Alarm automatika’s offer is to ensure their full functionality. Various forms of training are included (workshops, webinars), for installers from several companies or for a particular company, upon prior arrangement.

Sales and marketing support

Installers are provided with various forms of sales and marketing support – from flexible payment terms and additional project-based discounts to the production of different promotional materials and jointed presentations of the best solutions to investors.

Servicing and equipment replacement

As a manufacturer and authorized distributor, Alarm automatika ensures servicing of all products in the portfolio, within or outside the warranty period. The servicing is made based on estimated duration and costs of repairs. A replacement product may be provided if the installer needs the one.

Technical and end-user documentation

A complete documentation is provided for all the offered products – about its characteristics, manufacturer’s certificates, declarations of conformity and installation and end-user manuals.