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Public areas and facilities

Documentation must be in accordance with regulations and GDPR regulation

The protection of public areas is regulated by various regulations that should be considered when preparing documentation such as Security vulnerability assessment and Technical security project.

Traffic analytics

Video analytics is an important tool for monitoring, regulating and automatically detecting dangerous traffic events such as driving in the wrong direction, trucks in unauthorized areas, speeding, detecting traffic jams and congestion. Integration is provided via ABsistemTraffic software.

Parking solutions

Different solutions are used for parking management – entry / exit speed up, notification of free parking spaces, traffic directing and toll collection. It includes the vehicle categorization, vehicle identification with LPR cameras and driver identification, too.

People counting

Counting people in public transport is essential for business analysis. Special equipment is used, which must be resistant to vibrations. It is possible to connect multiple cameras for multiple entrances / exits, and a local monitoring is enabled and data transferring to a monitoring station.

Open space fire

Open space fire is automatically detected by video analytic thermal cameras which recognize the characteristic spectrum of the flame and warns the operator.

Landfill solutions

ABsistemGreen software is intended for landfill management, which integrates access control, vehicle and driver identification, signalling, cargo weighing, video surveillance and automatic printing of all necessary documents.