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Tailored to the user

Packages tailored to user needs

User packages are customised depending on the size of the system and the selected services, so each user can choose a package that is appropriate to his current needs and change it over time.

The systems are categorized by size into four groups:

  • micro (up to 16 elements)
  • small (16 to 64 items)
  • medium (64 to 256 elements)
  • large (more than 256 elements).

Four levels of service are also available – from a simple alarm notification to a mobile device to a 24/7 professional monitoring guards interventions, upon users’ confirmation.

Alarm notification on the mobile phone

The service of an automatic sending of alarm signals from the security system to the mobile device is enabled, to immediately notify the user that something unusual is happening in the monitored premises.

System servicing

Service’s users are provided with regular servicing and on-call servicing in case of an emergency, which significantly increases the reliability and product life of security systems.

System monitoring

Monitoring of the system implies continuous monitoring of its technical faultlessness. This allows different system faults (loss of power or communication, low battery voltage, zone faults, etc.) are detected and rectified immediately.

24/7 monitoring guards interventions

After alarm notification receiving on a mobile device, the user selects through the application whether he wants the security guards to be headed to protected premises and intervene.