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Protection system integration software – ABsistemDCi

ABsistemDCi software for system integration on the object

ABsistemDCi is a software package that allows monitoring and management of all integrated security systems through a single interface. Its purpose is to ensure coordinated and effective protection of larger business, commercial, hotel and industrial facilities or complexes of facilities that, due to their large area and exposure to greater risks to people and property, are protected by several different systems. The integration of the BMS system is also enabled.

A series has also been developed in Alarm automatics ABsistem intelligent management and control software by which systems integrated through ABsistemDCi software are integrated into the information and communication structure that users use to conduct business.

Modular software concept

Users of the ABsistemDCi software choose the modules they want to implement. Licensing is adjusted accordingly, so only the necessary functions are paid for. The core modules cover the systems that are most commonly integrated. The list of manufacturers whose equipment can be integrated via ABsistemDCi software limits us and is constantly updated with new manufacturers.



Advantages of integration via ABsistemDCi software

Integration of equipment from different manufacturers
ABsistemDCi solves the problem of uncoordinated digital communication protocols of different equipment manufacturers and enables the connection of equipment manufacturers who provide their digital protocols.

Modular concept
The user chooses which modules he wants to implement. Licensing is tailored to this, so the user pays only for the features they need.

Integrated systems remain autonomous
Integration via ABsistemDCi software functions as an upgrade, and each individual system functions autonomously. Risky applications are performed with redundancy.

Graphic maps provide visibility
Dynamic symbols of all relevant system elements are placed on the graphical maps of the monitored space. The software signals their status and allows control via the same dynamic symbols.

Easy management of integrated systems
System elements are controlled via graphical objects on the screen. The operator can launch an image from a camera, activate a burglar alarm or provide access to a protected area.

Tracking and archiving events in one place
All user events and actions are monitored and archived in one place and in one format. For this, the software uses various variants of the Microsoft SQL Server database.

Integration of protective and other technical systems
The integration of other systems on the building (air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, elevators) increases the safety of the building (eg blocking the use of elevators in case of fire alarm), facilitates management and saves energy.

Proactive maintenance
The software also signals information about the correctness or failure of the device, which is important for the organization of the repair before the system is out of order and the object is unprotected.

Work in Windows environment
The software works on the “Client-server” principle where the server receives and analyzes events from the system, and the client manages the system via a Windows application.