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Ticket reading and payment with access control ABsistemTicketing

Fast and secure entry to sporting, entertainment or cultural events is an important criterion according to which visitors decide whether to attend and pay for an event. Management and control of entrance and payment are of great importance for these facilities successful operating. For this purpose, software has been developed to integrate access control with the ABsistemTicketing system for reading online tickets, as well as its version ABsistemTicketingSale, which enables ticket sales at the facility, and the SmartKiosk entrance self-payment device.
ABsistemTicketing is a software that integrates a variety of ticket reading solutions with access control to objects or events where the entrance is charged. Its purpose is to manage the entrance of people, without unnecessary waiting and crowds. It is most often used in stadiums, sports and entertainment facilities, museums and larger outdoor or indoor events. It also allows the entrance regulation only at a certain time and through a barrier leading to the place (sector) for which the ticket was purchased.

Integrated systems and software

  • Online ticket sales
  • Ticket terminal (combines barcode scanner for reading tickets, contactless card reader, controller, IP communication, display)
  • Access control (different barriers – high, low, 3 or 4 arms)
  • Video surveillance
  • User business management software


  • Entrance control
  • Crowd prevention
  • Precise counting of people entrances (turning barriers)
  • Display of messages via ticket terminal display
  • High level of security

Ticket payment with access control ABSistemTicketingSale


ABsistemTicketingSale is an upgrade of the ABsistemTicketing software which, in addition to reading tickets and access control, also enables the collection and printing of tickets for visitors.
Employee-charged and self-charged versions are available. When the entrance is charged by the employee, the Alarm automatika software ABsistemTicketingSale is installed in the PC cash register. In addition to the number and category of tickets (adults, children, etc.), it is possible to select the level of service and the type of account that the visitor wants to use (for example, a guided tour, entrance to all or only some areas). The printed invoice also contains a barcode with information about the purchase, which is read at the access control terminals. The self-payment version allows all actions performed by the employee to be performed by the visitor himself at the PC cash register. Payment can be made by bank card or cash.

  • Faster flow of people at the entrance
  • Easy to use by employees
  • Accurate records of tickets sold
  • Integration with user database
  • Various reports and analyzes
  • The visitor uses only the services he has paid for

SmartKiosk self-service ticket sales terminal

SmartKiosk is a self-service terminal for reading, selling and billing tickets. It is used in locations with entrance fees such as museums, tourist attractions, amusement or aqua parks. Its purpose is to ensure the billing of visitors and speed up the movement of people without additional employee engagement. SmartKiosk enables reading of QR codes of prepaid tickets, payment via the built-in POS terminal and ticket printing. Through ABsistemTicketing software it is integrated with card business systems for card payment, online ticket sales, as well as standard ticket sales and access control via entry barriers.
All elements built into the kiosk are intended for difficult working conditions outdoors, also with anti-vandal performance. Built-in UPS ensures system works even in the event of power failure.
  • Multiple languages
  • Possibility to choose the method of payment (cash or card)
  • Accurate visitor records
  • Does not require employee engagement
  • Reliable access control
  • Pre-purchased online tickets reading
  • Print tickets purchased onsite
  • Information and promo messages on display
  • Reports and analyzes
  • Operation is ensured via the UPS even in the event of a power failure
  • Anti-vandal performance/ design


1.Unattended POS device
The type of ticket is selected via the 19˝ touch screen. Visitors can currently choose from 9 display languages.

2. Unattended POS device
It consists of a contactless card reader, a card slot, and a keyboard. The level of transaction protection, which is also used at ATMs, has been applied and has been certified by Erste Card Club d.o.o.

3. Barcode scanner
The built-in barcode scanner allows you to read vouchers and print tickets. This feature is most often used by travel agencies that charge tickets for their guests in advance.

4. Thermal printer
A thermal printer is used to print tickets and invoices.

5. Advertising screen
An additional 22˝screen is used to display instructions, warnings and advertisements for visitors. The display is managed online, so the content is easy to customize.